Monday, January 19, 2009

I was thinking . . .

Dangerous, I know, but I can not stop it!!
So I picked up the Jan/feb issue of Crochet Today, and I was thinking as I keep seeing familiar names, How cool is it that I know some of these designers!! For Instance, cover pattern and awesome boot pattern came from Lady Linoleum (monster crochet), aka Regina, adv then another one was from Tammy Snow (roxycraft). I think, wow I have purchased patterns from both of them directly, I could email them if I wanted to!!! I guess it is kind of like a celebrity status!
I do not know I guess this brings my crochet dorkiness to a new level!

I am almost finished with my son's requested Kitty, so hopefully if my camera does not poop on me, I will have more work up very soon. Now that the holiday craziness is gone, I can actually sit and crochet for a second!