Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baby Blanket

I love how cute this turned out, but I need to remind myself that blankets may start out really excited and cute, but they drag on so bad, and quite frankly are boring! I guess that is my crochet ADD coming out! I made this one for a co-worker for her sisters new baby. So much for ever using that round ripple adult size afghan book I have!
I used Caron Simply Soft in Grape and Orchid.

Close up:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Almost there!!!!

I figured since I was on the home stretch of this pregnancy, I would repost my ticker. Yeah less then 30 days left!!!!

(took out ticker)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Test!

So I tested another pattern! This one is from one of the ladies from the 'ville. I tested a pattern called Barnyard Buddy Mouse. He turned out so cute! I think I am going to give it to my new nephew who is due to arrive around Thanksgiving. The pattern will soon be available in Stormyz Etsy Shop.

Amigurumi Doll

I love how this one turned out! I used this Doll pattern. I was not to sure about the colors while I was working on her, but I love how they turned out. I can not wait to make another one. Her dress turned out a bit tight and short, so I will have to remember to use a bigger hook next time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tote swap

So once again the managers of Crochet Depot have done it again! They have found an interesting exchange/swap that I had a blast doing, and I was more then spoiled by my swap partner.

First I am posting pics of the tote I made and sent to my partner.

I LOVE how this bag turned out, and I might just have to make another one for myself! I used good old Red heart yarn, and this pattern: Retro Mosaic Yarn Tote. I used various shades of blue, and I almost looks like waves to me! I lined the bag with a pretty blotchy blue print.

I also wanted to send my partner more then just a tote, so I made a Dragon!!!! I love his colors!

And now, for what my partner sent to me!

I could not believe my eyes when I opened the box! My bag is GORGEOUS!!!! It is turquoise with a pretty turquoise, purple, blue, green variegated. And it was loaded with goodies! Trust me, the pictures do not do this bag justice at all!!!


Sorry, I know it has been more then a couple days, but the last time I tried to post, blogger was having a bad day so It did not work out very well!

My niece's Birthday was July 4, so I made her a red, white and blue doll blanket using Bev's kitty's in a row

I also made an outfit for her new Cabbage Patch kid

Since I have been laid off, I have been spending much of my time inside trying to stay cool and crocheting! Here are some pics of my latest:

I used Kristie's Kids Floppy Friends 2 pattern to make this cute little horse

A bunny I made from, Lavender Bunny of course mine is green! BUt he turned out oh so cute!

I LOVE this pattern! I made 2 of them, the purple one for me, which my son has run off with, and the variegated one for a swap partner (I will be posting again regarding the swap. I found this pattern also on, Fierce but friendly dragon

And lastly, as of Monday, july 9, I have another nephew! So of course I had to make him something!!! I found this pattern in one of my many crochet patterns, and I am too lazy at the moment to go look it up.