Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sorry, I know it has been more then a couple days, but the last time I tried to post, blogger was having a bad day so It did not work out very well!

My niece's Birthday was July 4, so I made her a red, white and blue doll blanket using Bev's kitty's in a row

I also made an outfit for her new Cabbage Patch kid

Since I have been laid off, I have been spending much of my time inside trying to stay cool and crocheting! Here are some pics of my latest:

I used Kristie's Kids Floppy Friends 2 pattern to make this cute little horse

A bunny I made from, Lavender Bunny of course mine is green! BUt he turned out oh so cute!

I LOVE this pattern! I made 2 of them, the purple one for me, which my son has run off with, and the variegated one for a swap partner (I will be posting again regarding the swap. I found this pattern also on, Fierce but friendly dragon

And lastly, as of Monday, july 9, I have another nephew! So of course I had to make him something!!! I found this pattern in one of my many crochet patterns, and I am too lazy at the moment to go look it up.

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