Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Let the ramblings begin . . .

So I figured that since everyone else in the free world has a blog, I should probably start one too! Let's begin, I am married, and have a son, who shall be referred to as: booger, boogerman, the little booger, etc. You can blame my hubby for that one. I have a boring job, that I am not going to discuss very much, well because it is boring. In my household, my hubby and I have a rottweiler, who is the biggest couch potatoe in the world, and who also hogs WAY to much of the bed :) My hubby also has 9 snakes (too many in my opinion) and a bearded dragon. I am hopelessly addicted to yarn, (really just ask my husband :)) and I LOVE to crochet! I am also a geek and like to play Counter-strike, which is an online computer game where you basically blow up stuff and shoot at each other (great stress reliever) Of course since the little booger, I have not had as much time as I would like to play, but that is ok because that means I get to crochet more! I also love the Sims. I like playing overlord and controling little people in my Sims world! Also a great stress reliever! I also am addicted to Origami! I love folding bits of paper and creating a masterpiece! Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I have 20 piercings, 19 tattoos, and I shave my head because I like it that way.

So, now that I have introduced myself, time for the blogging! So I signed up for my very first exchange through one of the awesome crochet sites I belong to. I totally forgot to take pics of the fabulous items I made for my partner, and it went into the mail today! I just hope she likes them and is kind enough to post some pics on her blog. Other then that I am looking forward to thursday, which is Thanksgiving. Of course it is going to be a very busy day filled with to much food, and way to much driving! Oh well, time to pack on those pounds I just lost! Oh well, time to get in a few minutes of crochet before bed! Hope you enjoy!

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DaniLane said...

i shave my head because i want to and im addicted to yarn as well! i'm not married, but i do have a 3 year old son who is my lil booger bear. hope to get to know you a bit more in CFL!