Wednesday, May 2, 2007

name game

So another borrowed fun little game:
Introducing my take on the Name Game! I've seen this on several blogs recently.....

Here is my version!

Your Name: Minky
Famous Artist/Musician/Band: Metallica
3 letter word: May
Street name: Madelyn Dr (I grew up on this street)
Color: Mauve
Vehicle: Mustang
TV Show: Mythbusters - one of my favs!!!!
State/City: Monroe, Michigan
Boy Name: Mason
Girl Name: Mara
Alcoholic Drink: Margarita
Occupation: Medic
Flower: Marigold
Celebrity: Marilyn Monroe
Famous Leader: Mickey Mouse - he was the leader of the mickey mouse club!!!
Toy: Monkey of the sock type ;)
Animal: Mouse
Food: Mango
Something found in a kitchen: microwave
Reason for Being Late: missed alarm
Something You Throw Away: maxi-pads - I know I am gross!!!
Cartoon Character: Minnie Mouse
Type of desert: Mousse

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