Monday, January 7, 2008


I made a hoodie!!!!! I am not only a crochet addict, I also know how to sew!!! Except I really need to get a better chair for my machine, the dining room chairs really suck to sit in for too long. I will post the tute I followed (kinda) when crafters is back up from maintenance. The pic is kinda dark, I used a purpleish/grey camo and black.

don't you just love the camera in the face mirror pics!!!! It is the only way I could get a pic that looked half-way decent. I will try to get better pics up soon.

edit: Here is the link to the tute from Craftster.


naomi said...

Wow !! It looks fantastic !!

Andy's Crafts said...

Great JOb, I agree with Naomi!