Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am still here . . .

So I have been crocheting lately, I just have not been taking pics and posting them. Between being stressed out about money and bills and all that crap, and then the lovely preggo hormones, I have not felt like doing much except sitting in front of the tv and crocheting, or doing nothing. I am happy I finally have my car back. Long story short, my brakes went out over a week ago. The brake line had rusted through. My brother was nice enough to fix them, but that was really the last thing I needed to put money into right now. And of course hubby is totally taking advantage of the fact that I am home and has taken off pretty much every night last week and this week to go hang out with friends. Of course leaving me all day with a 2 year old. I love my son, but I need a break too!!! Anyway, I am sure that will not happen, but it is awful nice to dream right.

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