Thursday, August 9, 2007

Still here

So I am still very preggo! I was hoping this little monster would have been as nice as his brother and come a little early, but it is not looking that way :( Oh well, I guess he is really comfortable, which with the heat wave we are having, I do not blame him at all! As you can see by my ticker a few posts down, I am 38 1/2 weeks. I have now decided that I was waaaayyyy to spoiled with my first little man. I went to my 38 week appointment, and was feeling great, no contractions, nothing. Then I woke up the next day in labor, and had him that night. This one, I have had irregular mild contractions on and off for the last couple days, and everyday I feel worse. More heavy and ready to go! And he has not decided to come earlier. Oh well, not much I can do about it but sit here and wait until my body decides it is time to go! I can not wait until he gets here. I am very anxious to meet him and see if he looks like his brother when he was born or not. My back and my bladder also can not wait!!!! I will be so glad when I do not have to pee every hour!!! Oh well enough complaining!
Once again, I have completed a couple more projects, I just have to get the camera out and post them. I will try not to be too lazy!!!

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Andy's Crafts said...

SO how long before you are due! I am sure you are very eager to meet this new being of light!