Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's a bird, It's a plane . . .

It's SUPERMAN!!!! I made this for one of my best friends. He LOVES Superman. I took this pattern and just changed it from a girl to boy, and substituted colors as needed. I made the cap and chest shield on my sewing machine. He was so much fun to make, and he turned out so cute, that I want to keep him! I will have to make another one! Enjoy!
Superman sitting in my computer chair


Face detail:

Backside and cape:

Chest Shield detail:


Andy's Crafts said...

I love the way it looks, Thanks for sharing!

Mini said...

How is it that I am just now stumbling across your blog?! My bad, I guess. Awesome job on the Superman!!!

BaPsy said...

Wow! Very creative - and great work! :)